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Woke up this morning, erg, well at least I thought it was morning. I was surround by these clean pure white colored walls, no widows, maybe I was kidnapped. But why? Why would someone want me and what for? So far all I know is that I'm trapped in a room with white walls with no windows and I'm kidnapped. Great, h'm now to think up an escape and save myself from whoever put me here. No wait what if I'm NOT kidnapped but I'm in the loony bin!? No that can't be it. I'm not crazy. Well  don't think I am. Then again I might be I don't even know my name or how I got here. I'll just give myself a name and forever be a new person. That sounds great I could live my life with wealth a handsome husband and 3 kids. Yay, the life it would have to be. Wait wouldn't I be leaving my old life, that is if I have one. H'm maybe I'm a spy and they someone caught me and then they erased my memories. Seems right so far and now they left me here to do more questioning but I couldn't because my memories are gone. What if I'm dead. Geez I died and I don't know what I did for my whole life. OK now I'm sad. I wonder if I'm pretty. I don't see any mirrors around so maybe I'll just forever be in questioning. I hope someone comes in here all ready I'm beginning to worry that I'm stuck here. No windows, no mirrors, no memories, and no door. I probably teleported into the room. Nah, that can't be it. Secret door?  I'll try I guess. I will bang on the wall in front. Nope nothing. Next wall, nothing. Next wall after that one, nothing. Great this is my last wall and if I don't see some secret door anytime soon I'll really go crazy. Bang, bang. Nope. Hmm, maybe I feel down a well and I'm just in a coma or something like that. WAKE UP, ME!!! I wouldn't wake up. I'm scared now. HELLO!!!! Can ANYONE hear me?! Oh I get it now. I'm being 'punk'd' aren't I? Come on out Ashton Goucher. Nope no cameras here. I'm crying now. I've never felt so alone before. Like your the only girl still awake at a slumber party. I also feel very limited. Just siting here thinking to myself. Makes you wonder a lot of things. I'm I the only person left on this world? Is there something bigger behind these white walls that seal me anyway from all. I hope there is. I really do hope there is.

time: 1:30am-2:18am

hope u likey :D
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October 8, 2009
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